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somewhere b e t w e e n the procrastination, the homework, the friendships, and the nasty cafeteria food, the calls to old friends . . . the i miss yous . . . and the i love yous . . . and the what are we doing tonights? . . . somewhere b e t w e e n and all of the changing and growing. and the skipping classes, the studying for tests, and the downright not studying for tests, i forgot . . . i forgot what it meant to cry . . . i forgot that pretending to be happy doesnt make  you happy . . . I f o r g o t that pretending to be smart doesnt make you smart . . . and that pretending to be ok  doesnt make you ok . . . I forgot that you cant control falling in love . . . and that you cant make yourself fall in love . . . i learned . . i learned that i can love . . . i learned to ask for help . . . and its ok to feel like crap . . . i learned that its ok to mess up . . . and its ok to ask for help . . . i learned its ok to complain and whine to all your friends for a whole day . . . that somehow they’ll make it all better . . . i learned that sometimes the things you want most you just cant have . . . i learned that the greatest thing about high school isn’t going to be who is the most popular or going to be the parties . . . or the drinking not even the hook-ups . . . it’s the friendships, which means taking chances . . . i learned that sometimes the things we forgive and forget are the things which we most need to talk out . . .  i learned that letters from friends are the most important thing . . . and that sending cards to your friends mean much more than you know . . . but mostly, what gets me through everything are you guys. old and new friends, and even the ones that are going to come. though sometimes i might not show it, its true. its what puts me through me everyday and able to have those “today was the best day of my life” days.

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